Unzucht. Akephalos (Boxset)


Исполнитель: Unzucht
Альбом: Akephalos (Boxset)
Год: 27.07.18
Страна исполнителя: Германия
Формат носителя: Boxset
Лэйбл: Out Of Line
Номер в каталоге: PM 55-00619
Страна производитель: Германия

On the new album “Akephalos”, named after a headless demon from ancient Greek mythology, Unzucht have created an effective fusion of Dark-Rock, Indie-sounds and modern Metal-onslaughts. Also available as a limited fan box set.

A lot of folklore legends picture an Akephalos as a headless ghost that cannot find rest. It is rather fortunate, then, that Unzucht have not approached their new album in a headless fashion at all, as each of the 11 songs hits the mark spot on. A certain restlessness is exactly what the songs draw their relentless energy from, though. More than ever before, the lads invoke a melting pot of different styles to bring their German language Rock-anthems to life. From “Neue Deutsche Härte”- and Industrial-elements in “Fleisch und Ruinen”, via the Melodic-Hardcore-foundation of “Projektil”, or the first single “Nela” that fuses Alternative-Rock with modern Metal-attacks, right up to the Indie-Rock-meets-Synth-Pop anthem “Der schmale Grat” - Unzucht love zigzagging between unexpected genre leaps and still manage to stay true to their darkly tinged trademark sound. Sometimes hard and straight in your face, sometimes unabashedly emotional, Unzucht steer their ship wherever their hearts lead them. Carried by the fiery voice of Der Schulz, the band does not care too much about adhering to genre clichés which makes them stick out of the crowd in a most refreshing manner. “Akephalos” will also be released as a limited fan set in a lavish box, including an exclusive bonus disc with piano versions, plus a flag, a patch and a hand-signed autograph card as exclusive extras.


01. Projektil
02. Nela
03. Der Tod in mir
04. Die verbotene Frucht
05. Akephalos
06. Du fehlst
07. Der schmale Grat
08. Nur die halbe Wahrheit
09. Nachts im Meer
10. Fleisch und Ruinen
11. Das sichere Ufer
Bonus Track:
12. Ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein - feat. Saltatio Mortis

Track Listing Piano (Bonus Disc Box Set)
01 Wir sind das Feuer (Piano Version)
02 Nimm mich mit (Piano Version)
03 Widerstand (Piano Version)
04 Ein Tag wie jeder andere (Piano Version)
05 Meine Liebe (Piano Version)
06 Seelenblind (Piano Version)
07 Hinter Glas (Piano Version)
08 Lava (Piano Version)
09 Nur die Ewigkeit (Piano Version)
10 Du fehlst (Piano Version)