Serenity. Fallen Sanctuary

Исполнитель: Serenity
Альбом: Fallen Sanctuary
Год: 2008
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Irond
Номер в каталоге: PM 12-01165
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All songs written by Buchberger, Hirzinger and
Arranged by Serenity, Jan Vacik and Oliver
Orchestral arrangements and additional keyboards
Oliver 'Mr. Monstermail' Philipps at Spacelab
Studios (www.spacelab-studio.com )
Drum and bass recordings and additional pianos by
Jan Vacik at
Dreamscape Studios (www.dreamscape-studios.de )
Choir arrangements and vocal recordings by Lanvall
Guitar and guest vocal recordings by Thomas
Keyboard recordings by Mario Hirzinger
Female vocals performed by Sandra Schleret
Death vocals performed by Maggo Wenzel
All backing vocals on this recording performed by
Georg Neuhauser

Additional hours of clipping and editing by Jan
Mix and mastering by Jacob Hansen at Hansen
Studios (www.jacobhansen.com )

All photos by Caroline Traitler (www.photopit.com
All artwork and logos by Gustavo Sazes
(www.abstrata.net )


01. All Lights Reversed
02. Rust Of Coming Ages
03. Coldness Kills
04. To Stone She Turned
05. Fairytales
06. The Heartblood Symphony
07. Velatum
08. Derelict
09. Sheltered (By The Obscure)
10. Oceans Of Ruby

+ "Velatum" music video