Atrocity. Hallucinations

Исполнитель: Atrocity
Альбом: Hallucinations
Год: 2008
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Irond
Номер в каталоге: PM 12-01066
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Recorded and mixed at
Morrisound Recording, Tampa, Florida, June/July
Produced and mixed by Scott Burns and ATROCITY
Engineered by Scott Burns and Tom Morris
Remastered by Alex Krull at Mastersound Studio
"Blue Blood" Produced by ATROCITY
Recorded and mixed at Masterplan Studio, Germany,
August 1989, mixed by Stefan and ATROCITY
Remastered by Alex Krull at Mastersound Studio
All songs by ATROCITY
Cover illustration by H.R. Giger Work no. 93
"Hommage an S. Beckett I", 100cm x 80cm, painted
in oil on wood, 1968 O H.R. GIGER 1968
Cover concept and ATROCITY logo by Alex Krull
Photos by Otto, Elke and Wolle
The characters, places and incidents described in
'Hallucinations" are the product of Alex Krull's
imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons,
living or dead, events or locations is entirely
©by ATROCITY 1990
Management: infoimastersoundmanagement.de Booking:
booking@mastersoundentertainment.de Official
homepage: www.atrocity.de
Official Atrocity Merchandise: Napalm Records
Handels GmbH Hammerplatz 2, A-8790 Eisenerz,
Licensed to Irond


01. Deep In Your Subconscious 5:23
02. Life Is A Long And Silent River 3:37
03. Fatal Step 2:50
04. Hallucinations 4:28
05. Defeated Intellect 5:25
06. Abyss Of Addiction 3:39
07. Hold Out (To The End) 5:15
08. Last Temptation 5:18
09. Blue Blood *
10. When The Fire Burns Over Sea*
11. Humans Lost Humanity*