Covenant. In Transit

Исполнитель: Covenant
Альбом: In Transit
Год: 22.10.07
Страна исполнителя: Швеция
Формат носителя: 2DVD
Лэйбл: Synthetic Symphony
Номер в каталоге: PM 28-02956
Страна производитель: Германия
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2DVD + CD Digipak

От издателя:

The return of one of the Electro scene s biggest bands and the first ever official Covenant DVD ! "In Transit" is a road-movie, a full-blown fly-on-the-wall documentary of Covenant’s SKYSHAPER World Tour.

This Double DVD + Bonus Live CD 3 disc set comes presented in a high class Deluxe Digipak and contains not only the "In Transit - The Movie" DVD but also a full length Bonus DVD including additional live - performances, additional scenes from their world tour, the Videoclip for "Happy Man" and much more PLUS A Bonus Live CD featuring songs taken from the tour and a completely different tracklisting to the one on DVD2.

Spanning a period of almost one and a half years "In Transit" follows the band through Europe, through North America from NYC to Seattle, across the vastness of Russia and over the Andes to South America. Here we get a unique and intriguing glimpse of what life on the road is really about : the highs and the lows, the hard work behind the scenes and the parties as well, the trivial and the glorious, the exotic and the mundane...

The band speak openly about their music, their inner thoughts and dreams and what it is that makes Covenant tick, much of which they have never revealed before. And of course the band performing their wonderful music live on stage...


DVD 1 'In Transit - The Movie' :-
01. Intro
02. 20 HZ
03. Hello & Welcome
04. Building Up
05. Bullet
06. Germans Are Spoilt
07. Leviathian
08. Skyshaper Revisited
09. Men Or Mice ?
10. Aftershow Party
11. Swimming
12. Making Interviews In Hamburg
13. Der Leiermann
14. Can Noise Be Ritual ?
15. On The Road
16. Prometheus
17. The Matrix And Its Masters
18. We Stand Alone
19. Are We Happy Men ?
20. The Skyshaper World Tour
21. Mexico
22. Stalker
23. Aftershow Party 2
24. About Falling Out Of Cars And The Pulse
25. North America - NYC To Ogalalla And Beyond
26. Babel - Past Present & Future
27. Russia - Earth, Sky, Cosmos
28. Is The New World Brave ?
29. South America - Eva Peron Never Cried For Us
30. Call The Ships To Port
31. Dead Stars
32. After All...
33. Credits
34. Outro

DVD 2 'In Transit - Bonus Disc' Live In Germany :-
01. Intro
02. Bullet
03. Leviathan
04. Like Tears In Rain
05. Prometheus
06. The Men
07. We Stand Alone
08. Ritual Noise
09. Stalker
10. Happy Man
11. Dead Stars
12. Brave New World
13. Call The Ships To Port

Live At Wave Gothic Treffen In Leipzig 2004 :-
14. Call The Ships To Port
15. Edge Of Dawn
16. Invisible & Silent

Bonus Material :-
17. New York City
18. Mexico City
19. Happy Man Video Clip

Deleted Scene :-
20. South America

CD 1 Bonus Live Disc :-
01. Intro
02. 20 Hz
03. Bullet
04. Leviathan
05. Go Film
06. The Men
07. We Stand Alone
08. Ritual Noise
09. Happy Man
10. Call The Ships To Port
11. Dead Stars
12. Pulse
13. Babel