Suicide Commando. Axis Of Evil

Исполнитель: Suicide Commando
Альбом: Axis Of Evil
Год: 2003
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Dependent
Номер в каталоге: PM 39-00037
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Ориентировочная цена: 664.00 руб


Внимание!!! Товар нужно заказывать в Германии. Сроки прихода на наш склад от 2 месяцев до 5 месяцев!!! 10 Tracks – Total Playing Time 57:46 Nothing short of a landslide! The new album, which arrived in stores last week, exceed all our expectations! It started at the end of May with the release of the Face of Death single: #1 in the DAC charts, with the limited to 3,000-copy special edition selling out in a matter of weeks. Now, the long-awaited full-length is marks another chapter in an ongoing success story. Just look at the press coverage: title stories in Orkus and Side-Line; multipage spreads in Zillo, Sonic Seducer, Elegy, D-Side and Meltdown; WOM Tip of the Month for October and even a spot on Belgian TV! On November 9th, Sonic Seducers Schattenreich program on Onyx-TV will be broadcasting a Suicide Commando feature as well!