Compilation-synthpop. Electropop Heroes Volume 1

Исполнитель: Compilation-synthpop
Альбом: Electropop Heroes Volume 1
Год: 2003
Страна исполнителя: Швеция
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Memento Materia
Номер в каталоге: PM 26-00397
Страна производитель: Швеция
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Ориентировочная цена: 1964.00 руб


The Memento Materia label present the first in an ongoing series presenting electronic music from the Nordic countries. ''Electropop Heroes of the North Vol 1'' contains danceable electropop, synthpop and futurepop only, with a carefully assembled tracklisting representing both Scandinavian MAJOR artists such as The Knife, Bobby and Los Fancy Free, alongside big independent acts such as Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant, Daybehavior, Colony 5, Statemachine, Sweep, Alice In Videoland, Pride and Fall and many, many more..This essential sampler also holds completely new and exclusive songs from Michigan, Backlash and Z Prochek among others.


01. Bobby - Losing Control Dance Mix
02. Daybehavior - Close Your Eyes Activated
03. Colony 5 - Synchronized Hearts (Elektrokardiogramm)
04. Apoptygma Berzerk - Until The End of the World Dark Club Remix
05. Pride and Fall - December
06. Covenant - Call The Ship to Port Club Remix
07. Statemachine - I'm Love Club Remix Radio Edit
08. Backlash - Lodestar P Remix
09. Alice in Videoland - Going Down Air Bureau Diskomiks
10. The Knife - Handyman
11. Los Fancy Free - Voltage is OK! Richard Cameron Remix
12. Michigan - Hezitate
13. Sweep - Favourite Song Remix
14. Panzerveps - Devoted code64 remix
15. Lowe - The Vanishing Electric Asylum Version