Terence Fixmer . Muscle Collection

Исполнитель: Terence Fixmer
Альбом: Muscle Collection
Год: 30.10.2006
Формат носителя: 2CD
Лэйбл: Out Of Line
Номер в каталоге: PM 28-02577
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The French Connection strikes again! Terence Fixmer shows off his electronic muscles on the Muscle Collection: this retrospective compilation of selected works from the year 1998 up until now has one dance floor crasher chasing the next. His charmingly violent and monotonous Techno-EBM-onslaughts are reminiscent of dark cellar clubs, excessive fog machine use and endless strobe light assaults: TBM-madness meets the famous “French cool”. While retaining a machine-like feel, the music has a lot more sex and groove than the Teutonic marching-band-Techno that infiltrates the rural watering holes. Like an electronic shot of testosterone, each and every track seems to demand total body movement … it is little wonder that Terence Fixmer’s music quickly became a regular addition to the sets of famous DJs, such as Hell or Sven Vдth. The Muscle Collection contains besides the legendary and sold out “Muscle Machine” album many new and unreleased stompers as well as rare tracks from long-deleted vinyl 12” singles, now for the first time on CD. This technoid Ballroom Blitz is topped off with two remixes that Fixmer made for Client and The Hacker. Music that will polarize … this is no cheap Trance-muzak for easy dancing… this is pure subwoofer anabolics! You will have to open your mind to find your way in, but then it will hit you twice as hard and never leave you again. Trиs cool, indeed!



01. Kick ! kick !kick !                                                    
02. Passion                                                              
03. Out of my Head                                                      
04. Hold Me (in the night mix)                                       
05. Red Section                                                   
06. Cerveaux Sans Вmes                                    
07. Aktion Mekanik theme                                            
08. Impulsion                                                                
09. She Said Destroy                                                    
10. Breathe                                                         
11. Peplum                                                 
12. The Hacker : Eurocold (Terence Fixmer remix)                  
13. Client: Zerox Machine (Terence Fixmer remix) 

02.Electric Vision
04.Armie Des Tqnobres
05.Electronic Violence
06.Across The Gate
07.Fixated Robot Warrior
11.Out In The Space
12.Body Pressure
13.Alone In The Dark