Compilation-synthpop. State of Synthpop / 2005

Исполнитель: Compilation-synthpop
Альбом: State of Synthpop / 2005
Год: 2005
Формат носителя: 6CD
Лэйбл: A Different Drum
Номер в каталоге: PM 26-00071
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This huge collection of modern synthpop features 90 songs by 90 different bands, ranging in style from retro-style synthpop, to futurepop and industrial dance, as well as the new electro (electroclash) sound, and more. We prefer to call it all "synthpop", showing all of the genre's variety in sound, style, and mood. This instant library will allow you to explore many bands with little effort and at a low cost, providing more than 7 hours of listening pleasure!


01. Intricated "Emotiophobic"
02. The Dignity of Labour "XRV"
03. Daybehavior "Superstar (Electropop Mix)"
04. Cosmicity "In Flight"
05. Edenfeld "Terra E"
06. GD Luxxe "Garden"
07. The Mitgang Audio "Minor Causes"
08. Pulcher Femina "Everywhere Was Cold"
09. NamNamBulu "Memories (Club Mix)"
10. Code64 "Exit"
11. Carnival of Dreams "Schwerelos (Pearls of Dew Club Mix)"
12. Perfidious Words "Sickliest Creep"
13. Easternize "Guardian"
14. Celluloide "At School"
15. Distorted Reality "Never Change"
16. Neuropa "Standing Still In Time"
17. Swerve "Solace"
18. Ganymede "Hong Kong"
19. Bunker Soldier "Flying"
20. Real Life "Oblivion"
21. Null Device "Electrified"
22. Psyche "Edge of 17"
23. ova looven "Power Windows"
24. Seize "Unbreakable"
25. Backlash "Hunt"
26. James D. Stark "Dying Beauty"
27. Paradoxx "Atomika (Philadelphia Mix)"
28. Epsilon Minus "Forever More"
29. Moon Rock "Everyday Superstar (Mix by Glis)"
30. Bit Pixel "Summer Tide"
31. The Azoic "Illuminate"
32. Syrian "Space Overdrive"
33. Fr/Action "The Living and the Dead"
34. Eight to Infinity "Age / Sex / Location"
35. Michigan "Red Dawn"
36. Opium "Too Much to Handle (Hajas Mix)"
37. Rename "You Don't Deserve My Love"
38. Universal Poplab "Casanova Fall"
39. Macondo "Local Boyz"
40. Empire State Human "Dollar In Blue Collar (2005 Single Mix)"
41. Provision "Visualize"
42. Moulin Noir "Media Boy"
43. Paul Luckey "Wonderland"
44. Children Within "Butterfly"
45. The Electroluvs "This is the Life"
46. Restricted Area "Tumbledown"
47. Intuition "Staring Off at Nothing"
48. Basic Pleasure Model "Sunyata (Radio Edit)"
49. Glow "Another Day"
50. Color Theory "I Stand By My Mistakes"
51. Hungry Lucy "Could it Be?"
52. Blind Faith and Envy "Major Philosopher"
53. System "Bow Down"
54. I Synthesist "Captain My Captain"
55. love|less "Something About You (2005 Mix)"
56. Blank "Visual Overflow"
57. The Mercy Cage "Magnets Coil (Sonar Mix)"
58. Tristraum "Shiver (Lime N Dale Remix)"
59. Alan Replica "Factys II"
60. Univaque "Nothing Can Be Saved"
61. Soviet Radio "Dark Days"
62. Croc Shop "Safe Harbour"
63. Neverever "Free as a Bird"
64. Nevarakka "Why"
65. Somegirl "Save Me"
66. Attrition "Dante's Kitchen"
67. Interface "Doubts and Fears"
68. Motto.Reza "Gift"
69. Stochastic Theory "What You Weren't"
70. Halovox "Retrospect"
71. The Alpha Conspiracy "Close"
72. In-A-Sense "Will You Be There Sometimes"
73. Subimage "Dearest Mentor"
74. The Crystalline Effect "Why Do I Hate Myself?"
75. Vision System "All There Is"
76. Internal Dialogue "Face It All Alone"
77. Massiv in Mensch "Radius 17M"
78. Fiction 8 "Save Me From Myself"
79. Future Wives "Dark Side of the Man"
80. Entropy64 "Fluff On the Radio"
81. Monowheel "Never Recover (Alaska Highway Club Mix)"
82. Dekoy "Salvation"
83. Blue October "Free (Liberation Mix)"
84. Boole "Outcasts"
85. The Electronic Tomato "Amoureux Solitaires"
86. Rupesh Cartel "Death With Soft Names"
87. The Razor Skyline "Freak"
88. Ultraviolet "Whatever"
89. Hong Kong Counterfeit "Television Man"
90. Secret Synthi "Alright Mitten Fight"