Compilation: Laserdance, Spacepop, Italodisco. ZYX Italo Disco Spacesynth Collection 4

Исполнитель: Compilation: Laserdance, Spacepop, Italodisco
Альбом: ZYX Italo Disco Spacesynth Collection 4
Год: 23.03.2018
Формат носителя: 2CD
Лэйбл: Zyx
Номер в каталоге: PM 22-22762
Страна производитель: Германия
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Цена: 1500.00 руб


Again „ZYX Italo Disco Spacesynth Collection 4“ reflect the winning formula of this compilation series.
CD1 entirely consists of newly produced titles in the style of 80s Spacesynth classics.

Laserdance Some Bizarre, Vanello, Juno Gang, Italove and many more revive the tradition of great synth melodies.
Us usual CD2 features great heroes of the 80s Spacesynth Sound: Koto, Laserdance, Hypnosis, Mind Control, DDR Space Program.


CD 1 new spacesynth
01. LASERDANCE - Force Of Order
02. SOME BIZARRE - Don‘t Be Afraid
03. VANELLO - Planet Synth
04. OBLIVION - A Voice Of The Universe
05. BELLATRIX - Experience
06. JUNO GANG - A New Try
07. ITALOVE - Computerworld
08. SPACEQUAKE - If You Really Want
09. MIND CONTROL - Runaway
10. STARDANCE - I Can‘t Stop To Dance
11. DDR SPACE PROGRAM - Ladyhawke
12. ENTROPY - Next Destination
13. LEETVIN - I Can‘t Slow Down

CD 2 classic spacesynth
01. WHY NOT - Smile
02. HYPNOSIS - Oxygene
03. KOTO - Visitors
04. PATRICK COLBY - Mandrill
05. X-RAY CONNECTION - Get Ready
06. LASERDANCE - Discovery Trip
07. CYBER PEOPLE - Void Vision
08. MIKE CANNON FEAT. HIPNOSIS - Chantez La Chanson
09. DIGITAL MIND - Count Down
10. XENON - Galaxy
12. CITY CENTER - Profondo Rosso