Thunder. Rip It Up (3CD Deluxe)

Исполнитель: Thunder
Альбом: Rip It Up (3CD Deluxe)
Год: 10.02.2017
Страна исполнителя: Англия
Формат носителя: 3CD Deluxe
Лэйбл: earMUSIC
Номер в каталоге: PM 21-03319
Страна производитель: Германия
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Thunder рады объявить о том, что их новый студийный альбом "Rip It Up" выйдет 10 февраля 2017 на earMUSIC. В альбом вошли одиннадцать новых песен, записанных в 2016 году!
Вокалист Дэнни просто сказал: "После положительной реакции на 'Wonder Days' мы были очень счастливы, и это подсказало нам в каком направлении держать курс при записи нового диска. Мы решили продолжить эксперименты с музыкой, чтобы посмотреть, что получиться, и я думаю, что это получилось отлично, вы сами все скоро услышите. Мы не могли бы сделать этот альбом 10 или даже 5 лет назад мы не были достаточно хороши! Мы действительно с нетерпением ждем, чтобы играть новые треки на концертах вместе с проверенными хитами".
Отличный рок альбом и отличное название диска Rip It Up!
С 1989 года эти лондонцы зарекомендовали себя одной из лучших рок групп Великобритании, подтверждение тому около двадцати синглов которые попали в Top пятьдесят лучших синглов и 2 золотых альбома!
Альбом выйдет в трех вариантах:
1. Обычный CD
3. Тройной CD
3. На виниле.

Thunder are delighted to announce that their brand new studio album ‘Rip It Up’ will be released on 10 February 2017 on earMUSIC. The album, their Eleventh, features eleven brand new songs recorded in 2016 and is proof positive that this is a band that exists only to push itself and aim higher. Following on from the Top Ten success enjoyed by previous release ‘Wonder Days’, ‘Rip It Up’ - as the title suggests – sees Danny Bowes, Luke Morley, Ben Matthew, Chris Childs and ‘Harry’ James stretching themselves musically, lyrically and creatively.

Frontman Danny said simply, “After the positive reaction to ‘Wonder Days’ we were very happy, and it justified the approach we took in the writing and recording. We decided to push it further on all fronts this time, to see what happened, and I think it shows in the writing and the individual performances. We couldn’t have made this album 10 or even 5 years ago, we weren’t good enough! We’re really looking forward to playing the new tunes live alongside the more established ones”.

Fans don’t have to wait long, the band will embark on a nationwide UK tour in March, with full details and ticket links on the band’s website www.thunderonline.com.

This album comes nearly three decades into their career and, if 27 is normally famed and feared as the rock milestone at which many of the great and the good have had their creative flames extinguished, then Thunder have arrived with a bulging bag of tunes, a notebook of great lyrics, a jerrycan of petrol, and a match. There are rockers, like the incendiary title track, ripsnorters like ‘She Likes The Cocaine’, whilst songs like ‘Right From The Start’ take the pace down, but turn the intensity up. Whilst the album closes out with the stylish blues-tinged melancholia of ‘There’s Always A Loser’, it’s clear that the band have continued with their winning ways. After a Summer of great gigs including killer performances at Ramblin’ Man and Steelhouse Festival, the quintet know what works and how to pace a set of songs.

Title track ‘Rip It Up’ is more than just a great and contemporary rock track, it’s a statement of intent. Thunder, as Danny sings, “Don’t do subtle, don’t rely on luck,” there’s quality in depth and style to burn here. Thunder have never sounded so intent or intense and, whilst this album cleaves to what made the band’s fans fall in love with them originally, there’s risk taking and ambition aplenty here. Thunder have no interest in taking the easy way.




01. No One Gets Out Alive
02. Rip It Up
03. She Likes Cocaine
04. Right From The Start
05. Shakedown
06. Heartbreak Hurricane
07. In Another Life
08. The Chosen One
09. The Enemy Inside
10. Tumbling Down
11. There's Always A Loser

Disc: 2
  1. Wonder Days (Live At The 100 Club)
  2. Black Water (Live At The 100 Club)
  3. River Of Pain (Live At The 100 Club)
  4. Chasing Shadows (Live At The 100 Club)
  5. Broken (Live At The 100 Club)
  6. The Devil Made Me Do It (Live At The 100 Club)
  7. Backstreet Symphony (Live At The 100 Club)
  8. I'll Be Waiting (Live At The 100 Club)

Disc: 3
  1. Resurrection Day (Live At The 100 Club)
  2. The Thing I Want (Live At The 100 Club)
  3. Love Walked In (Live At The 100 Club)
  4. I Love You More Than Rock'n'Roll (Live At The 100 Club)
  5. The Rocker (Live At The 100 Club)
  6. Dirty Love (Live At The 100 Club)