In Strict Confidence. The Hardest Heart (Vinyl)

Исполнитель: In Strict Confidence
Альбом: The Hardest Heart (Vinyl)
Год: 25.11.16
Страна исполнителя: Германия
Формат носителя: Vinyl
Лэйбл: Minuswelt
Номер в каталоге: PM 23-01938
Страна производитель: Германия
Срок получения заказа Вами после его поступления на наш склад от поставщика: до 2 дней (при наличие товара на нашем складе). Внимание - данный товар заказывается только по Вашему заказу, за рубежом (если он не помечен как Товары EXPRESS). Срок поступления на наш склад от 3 недель до 3 месяцев. - для Москвы.
Для других городов, срок доставки увеличивается на 10-15 дней (доставка "Почтой России").

Цена: 2560.00 руб


Новый альбом гуру немецкой электро-боди сцены на виниле!

Тираж 500 копий!

Fans of In Strict Confidence have always been accustomed to slightly longer waiting times for new albums. This time, there were two pre-album singles that shortened the wait, both of which already hinted on an immense stylistic bandwidth for the new long player. The sounds range from a mix of classic Electro-EBM elements like in "Everything Must Change", which will no doubt please early fans and the alternative-emotional approach of "Somebody Else's Dream." The band plays out its own strengths, harkens back to the classics but also firmly keeps looking forward, not just opening but smashing down new doors. The 12 new songs are more versatile than ever and relentlessly pull the listener onto a roller coaster ride of emotions: aggressive-melodic, deeply dark or catchy and club-compatible, supported by deeply-felt lyrics, performed by Dennis Ostermann and his female counterpart Nina de Lianin.

The album will be released in three versions: a standard version in a Digipak, a box set with a double CD plus the 1987 classic "Face The Fear" on a cassette tape and an assortment of gimmicks (ISC condom, 2 buttons, some stickers and postcards.) The album will also be the first ISC album to be released on vinyl, as a limited 2LP gatefold edition (500 copies), including bonus tracks and download code.



A1 Frozen Kisses
A2 Everything Must Change
A3Somebody Else´s Dream
A4 Destroy Something Beautiful

B1 Time
B2 Herz
B3 Land Of Grace
B4 DoubleFaced

C1 Letzter Wille
C2 Erde Ade
C3 Ask Your Soul
C4 Coming Closer

D1 Destroy something beautiful (Extended Version)
D2 Ой, то не вечер (feat. Nika Kashirskaya)
D3 Somebody else´s dream (Rhys Fulber Remix)
D4 Time (Dub Mix)