Lord Of The Lost. Empyrean (Boxset)

Исполнитель: Lord Of The Lost
Альбом: Empyrean (Boxset)
Год: 29.07.16
Страна исполнителя: Германия
Формат носителя: Box Set
Лэйбл: Out Of Line
Номер в каталоге: PM 55-00542
Страна производитель: Германия
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With “Empyrean”, Lord Of The Lost have created a dystopian Future-Metal-concept album of epic proportions. The new release takes the listener on a captivating science-fiction-odyssey, driven by a furious mix of Gothic Metal, Glam, Electro, Prog and Industrial.

After centuries of gradual self-destruction, humanity embarks on a quest for “Empyrean”, a supposedly perfect world that promises hope for deliverance. With their new space trip, Lord Of The Lost have created their most diverse and ambitious album to date. The group's trademark sound of hard Metal-attacks in a perpetual struggle with darkly melodic parts and a keen hand for catchy melodies remains intact but is enhanced by a dominant electronic foundation, this time around, for which Lord Of The Lost have enlisted Berlin-based Electro-band Formalin as co-producers. Added to the mix are epic choruses in the style of the golden age of Glam Rock, a gripping duet with newcomer Scarlet Dorn in the monolithic rocker “Black Oxide”, harsh Industrial-attacks, cinematic dark soundscapes and Prog-elements, all of which mingle to create an epic work that inexorably pulls the listener into the story. This is aided by the fact that the monumental Dark-Metal-space-opera was given an equally massive sound in Hamburg's renowned Chameleon Studios. The new album from Lord Of The Lost is released as a regular album CD and a deluxe 2CD-edition, featuring the bonus-mini-album “The Final Chapter Of Mankind” which tells the story of “Empyrean” as a condensed sonic adventure. “Empyrean” is also released as a limited fan box set which contains the double disc, plus an exclusive bonus CD with a headphone-3D-mix of the album, an exclusive DVD with the Lord Of The Lost video clips and an exclusive Lord Of The Lost gym bag. The final chapter of mankind has only just begun...




CD1 „Empyrean“
01. Miss Machine
02. Drag Me To Hell
03. The Love Of God
04. Raining Stars
05. In Silence
06. Black Oxide (feat. Scarlet Dorn)
07. Interstellar Wars
08. Doomsday Disco
09. Death Penalty
10. No Gods, No War
11. The Interplay Of Life And Death
12. Utopya
13. Where Is All The Love

CD2 „The Final Chapter Of Mankind“
01. Adonai
02. Lament For The Condemned
03. Now We Are The Aliens
04. Lost In Oblivion
05. Traveller's Wounds
06. Wishing On A Scar

01. Miss Machine (Headphone 3D Mix)
02. Drag Me To Hell (Headphone 3D Mix)
03. The Love Of God (Headphone 3D Mix)
04. Raining Stars (Headphone 3D Mix)
05. In Silence (Headphone 3D Mix)
06. Black Oxide (feat.Scarlet Dorn) (Headphone 3D Mix)
07. Interstellar Wars (Headphone 3D Mix)
08. Doomsday Disco (Headphone 3D Mix)
09. Death Penalty (Headphone 3D Mix)
10. No Gods, No War (Headphone 3D Mix)
11. The Interplay Of Life And Death (Headphone 3D Mix)
12. Utopya (Headphone 3D Mix)
13. Where Is All The Love (Headphone 3D Mix)

DVD „The Videos“ FSK 16
01. Dry the Rain
02. Last Words
03. Sex on Legs
04. Prison
05. Die Tomorrow
06. Credo
07. Afterlife
08. La Bomba
09. Six Feet Underground
10. Kingdom Come
11. Lost In A Heartbeat
12. Full Metal Whore
13. The Love of God
14. Making Of „Dry The Rain“
15. Making Of „Last Words“
16. Making Of „Die Tomorrow“