Front Line Assembly. Hard Wired/Very Limited 20th Anniversary Box (6x12Vinyl)

Исполнитель: Front Line Assembly
Альбом: Hard Wired/Very Limited 20th Anniversary Box (6x12Vinyl)
Год: 03.07.15
Страна исполнителя: Канада
Формат носителя: Boxset
Лэйбл: Artofact Records
Номер в каталоге: PM 54-03258
Страна производитель: Канада
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Цена: 14918.00 руб


20 years ago, Front Line Assembly unleashed on an unsuspecting and since then forever humbled industrial world, Hard Wired, one of the most memorable and highest impact recordings in the genre, period. With the electronic and EBM elements from their well-received Tactical Neural Implant mashed with the guitar-heavy style of Milennium, the duo of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber accomplished on these 10 tracks nothing short of a masterpiece.

Format: 6LP vinyl boxset (1LP + 2LP gatefold + 3LP triple-gatefold wide-spine, inside lift-off lid boxset)!

01. "Hard Wired" on 2LP double-gatefold vinyl, remastered from original tapes; on translucent blue vinyl
02. "Live Wired" on 3LP triple-gatefold vinyl, remastered from original tapes; on light blue opaque vinyl
03. "Circuitry" on 1LP vinyl, remastered from original tapes; on black vinyl
04. All remastering supervised by Greg Reely and Bill Leeb.
05. Deluxe lift-off lid style vinyl-sized collector's box.
06. The boxset is limited to 300 copies worldwide.


LP1: "Hard Wired"

A1 Neologic Spasm 
A2 Paralyzed 
A3 Re-Birth 
B1 Circuitry 
B2 Mortal 
B3 Modus Operandi 

LP2: "Hard Wired"

C1 Transparent Species 
C2 Barcode 
C3 Condemned 
D1 Infra Red Combat 
D2 Circuitry (Predator Mix) 

LP3: "Live Wired"

A1 Mortal 
A2 Vigilante 
A3 Circuitry 
B1 Bio-Mechanic 
B2 Resist 
B3 Surface Patterns 

LP4: "Live Wired"

C1 Plasticity 
C2 Modus Operandi 
C3 Liquid Separation 
D1 Gun 
D2 Overkill 
D3 Condemned 

LP5: "Live Wired"

E1 Millennium 
E2 Neologic Spasm 
F1 Mindphaser 
F2 Body Count 

LP6: "Circuitry"

A1 Circuitry (Biosphere Remix) 
A2 Epidemic 
A3 Circuitry (Complexity Remix By Haujobb) 
B1 Destructive Transformation 
B2 Circuitry (Alien Mix) 
B3 Hydrogen