Sol Invictus. In The Rain - 20th Anniversary Edition

Исполнитель: Sol Invictus
Альбом: In The Rain - 20th Anniversary Edition
Год: 22.05.15
Формат носителя: 2CD
Лэйбл: Auerbach
Номер в каталоге: PM 39-00830
Страна производитель: Германия
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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sol Invictus' classic album "In The Rain" we will release a special edition of the album on May 22nd. The anniversary edition comes as 48-paged hardcover book including a bonus CD with new liv
e demos of almost all the album's songs. The book itself features two forewords (Tony Wakeford and Tor Lundvall), an interview with Tony Wakeford and much previously unreleased graphic material from the artwork and the time of the album.
Further, please note that at the end of next week we will have the classic Les Discrets shirt designs "Lovers Facing Death" and "Night Effects" (both from the debut album "Septembre et ses dernières pensées") back in stock again.

format: 2CD hardcover book (18x18 cm, 48 pages) incl. bonus CD with new live demos of almost all songs of the album (with new arrangements, added guitars, samples etc.). The book contains forewords by Tony Wakeford and Tor Lundvall, an interview with Tony Wakeford, unreleased "In The Rain" pictures and sketches by Tor Lundvall and unreleased photos from the time of "In The Rain". (500 copies available)
EAN/UPC: 884388304338

Sol Invictus are the godfathers of classic Apocalyptic Folk, and alongside Douglas P. from Death In June and David Tibet from Current 93, Tony Wakeford is rightly regarded as one of the genre's founding fathers. Under the banner of the ancient Roman sun deity, over a dozen albums were released since the mid-Eighties, chronicling an evolution from raw, post-punk Dark Folk to increasingly sophisticated arrangements, taking in influences from Early and Classical Music, Ambient, and Jazz. Supported by a changing cast of musicians, Wakeford offers his pessimistic visions with his unmistakable voice, drawing on his exploration of ancient myths and modern poetry as much as on his own personal reflections on (mostly unhappy) love and the transience of all existence.


01. Stay
02. Believe Me
03. Down The Years
04. In The Rain
05. Fall Like Rain
06. Oh What Fun
07. An English Garden
08. The World Shrugged
09. In Days To Come
10. Europa In The Rain
11. Hedda Gabler