Savage. Different Shades Of Savage

Исполнитель: Savage
Альбом: Different Shades Of Savage
Год: 30.01.15
Страна исполнителя: Италия
Формат носителя: 2CD
Лэйбл: 4evermusic
Номер в каталоге: PM 09-05569
Страна производитель: Италия
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Roberto Zanetti was well known under nickname Savage as a solo act. But next to his solo hits, we managed to become successful producer, takig care of other artists career. As Robyx he produced numerous hits for such stars as Rose, Paula Evans, Alexia, Double You or Ice MC. This compilation is dedicated to all the fans of Roberto Zanetti. You can on it a huge selection of his 80s productions. All of the tracks have been digitally restored and remastered. Extended versions and 12" remixes only. Enjoy. 


CD1 01. G.A.N.G. - Incantations
CD1 02. Moon, Joey - Angelica
CD1 03. Rose - magic carillon
CD1 04. Tango - Computerized Love
CD1 05. Lena - Run To Me
CD1 06. Raja, Frank - Born To Be Alive
CD1 07. Limit Eccitation - In The Dark
CD1 08. Ferguson, Wilson - I'm Singing Again
CD1 09. Evans, Paula - Ciao
CD1 10. Savage - So Close
CD1 11. Navarro, Raimundo - Te Amo

CD2 01. Taxi - To Miami
CD2 02. Camomilla - Buenas Noches
CD2 03. Stargo - Capsicum
CD2 04. Saxophone - Souvenir
CD2 05. Mingardi, Claudio - Star
CD2 06. Lala - Johnny Johnny
CD2 07. West Virginia - Stars On Magic
CD2 08. Two For Love - Hold Me
CD2 09. Cooper, Alexia - Boy
CD2 10. Beck, Lita - It's All Right
CD2 11. Ice MC - Easy