Compilation-synthpop. Electropop.10

Исполнитель: Compilation-synthpop
Альбом: Electropop.10
Год: 27.02.15
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Coonzon Records
Номер в каталоге: PM 54-03071
Страна производитель: Германия
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Цена: 510.00 руб


Отличный сборник синтипоп музыки!!!


After more than a year, a new part of our popular and successful compilation series "electropop" will be released on 27.02.2015.
We have released the series, which focuses on recent and not so famous artists dedicated from the electronic music field, since 2008. Well six and a half years after the publication of the first "electropop" compilation, the series now celebrates with it’s tenth volume a jubilee.
We remain true even on this new compilation. Again, there are 13 great songs that illuminate the complexity of electronic pop music in different ways and reflect. Fresh and free from constraints here to show artists like the British band Sinestar, whose song "Fortunes Faded" was produced in collaboration with Mesh mastermind Richard Silverthorn. Or the Russian band Electro Spectre, who reached much success in their home country. From Germany, POS:2 honor and show with "Only Electropop" that the mind games and implementations á la Kraftwerk in 2015, still as vivid as ever.
The grand and probably surprising conclusion then form Zoon Politicon. The band has been paused for more than 15 years. Now Helmut and Achim are back. And the first new sign of life there is an extended version of the rearranged old classic "Mercy" to enjoy and close this compilation.
This releases is strictly limited to 500 units and so "electropop.10", as well as its predecessor, is fast becoming a sought-after rarity.


01 Dead Man Recovering - Dignity (Extended Version) 
02 Electro Planet - Way To The Planet (Remix by Eduard Reik) 
03 Electro Spectre - Your Love Is A Criminal (The Vibe Of Vice Remix) 
04 Heliophile - Econocide (Extended Mix) 
05 Kartagon – Rescue Me (Kartagon Club Mix) 
06 Naommon - Beginning Everyday (Arôme Artificiel's Mix) 
07 Pos.:2 - Only Electropop (Conzoom Edit) 
08 Sinestar - Fortunes Faded (Krammix Liberator Remix) 
09 The Voice And The Snake - Children Of The Sun (Ricardo Autobahn Extended Edit) 
10 Vaylon - Lost (Extended Mix) 
11 X-Sonic - Machine Language (128K Extended Ram Remix) 
12 Zero-Eq - Discodark (Extended Mix) 
13 Zoon Politicon - Mercy 2014 (Extended Version)