Lovelorn Dolls . Japanese Robot Invasion / Limited Edition (2CD)

Исполнитель: Lovelorn Dolls
Альбом: Japanese Robot Invasion / Limited Edition (2CD)
Год: 17.10.14
Страна исполнителя: Бельгия
Формат носителя: 2CD
Лэйбл: Alfa Matrix
Номер в каталоге: PM 54-02919
Страна производитель: Бельгия
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The Belgian band strikes back with their new album, mixed and produced in Roma by maXX from the infamous cult band HELALYN FLOWERS! With "Japanese Robot Invasion", LOVELORN DOLLS reveal a much more focused type sound and mature song-writing approach. The overall force and dynamic of the new songs perfectly reinforce the contrasts between their so characteristic haunting dark atmospheres, the catchiness of their straight electro rock melodies and carrying choruses you sing along to in no time. Just like on the previous album "House of Wonders", Ladyhell's spelling binding voice rapidly hypnotizes you and plunges you into her magic and fantasy world. She helps us to explore people's dark sides from various perspectives: from addiction to violence on the new radio hit "Happy Valentine" to the vampire seduction of goth rock song "Long awaited Kiss", from the technology dominated spectre of the fast-paced futuristic cut "Japanese Robot Invasion" to the more serious and depressive theme of the cancer disease of the very touching and moody "Curse of the Crab", from the ecstatic and revolting call to party on the hi-energy pop-rock hit "The Thrill," to the almost cliché vampire goth rock of "Blood Moon". A very diverse album full of creatures and catchy tunes with an electro rock edge, which rolls in the ears like a beautiful collection of noir short stories...

A magnificent album that will confirm the band's fast ascension on the electro rock scene and that comes highly recommended to the fans of GARBAGE, LACUNA COIL, THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, EVANESCENCE, WITHIN TEMPTATION and other female fronted electro goth metal bands...

The limited deluxe box edition of the album also offers next some nice fan goodies, a bonus disc featuring 10 additional remixes of album songs by bands like JUNKSISTA, EVESTUS, CONSUMER JUNK, COSMIC ARMCHAIR, ZEITGEIST ZERO, HELL:SECTOR, etc.





01 Happy Valentine 
02 The Thrill 
03 Long Awaited Kiss 
04 Japanese Robot Invasion 
05 Miss Friday Night 
06 Curse Of The Crab 
07 Just Like Heaven 
08 Blood Moon 
09 Jasmina 
10 Wolf Inside 

CD2: "Robots Are Coming"

01 The Thrill (EVESTUS rmx) 
02 Happy Valentine (CONSUMER JUNK rmx) 
03 Miss Friday Night (COSMIC ARMCHAIR rmx) 
04 Curse of the Crab (NEIKKA RPM rmx) 
05 The Thrill (BEYOND VIOLET's 80's Synthrmx) 
06 Miss Friday Night (ZEITGEIST ZERO rmx) 
07 The Thrill (JUNKSISTA rmx) 
08 Long Awaited Kiss (HELL:SECTOR rmx) 
09 Miss Friday Night (CHIT CHAT SEX BAND rmx) 
10 Happy Valentine (Tom Erik Isaksenrmx)