Compilation-synthpop. We Heard The Call / Alphaville Tribute

Исполнитель: Compilation-synthpop
Альбом: We Heard The Call / Alphaville Tribute
Год: 08.08.14
Страна исполнителя: Германия
Формат носителя: 3CD
Лэйбл: RobertPreussler16 Records
Номер в каталоге: PM 54-02838
Страна производитель: Германия
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Цена: 1894.00 руб


After 13 years of waiting, the time has finally come for a new Alphaville fan CD release with cover versions made by fans from all over the world. It's time for volume 2 of WE HEARD THE CALL! A collaboration between fans from all over the world and the international fan community New Horizons / The Dreamroom (www.alphaville.org). This project show our love to the band Alphaville with this tribute album.

Vision Talk, Antilles, I Satellite, People Theatre, Eurotix, Raindancer, Strauss ex Machina and several more made covers of their favorites. A printed 3-CD set over 180 min with 44 covers made by fans to Alphaville from all around the world. From old hits like Big In Japan, Summer In Berlin and Forever Young to the new hits like I Die For You Today and Phantoms.

Marian Gold said: "Dear friends, creators and organizers of WHTC, it is late I know but finally, during the busy days of this year's ending, I had the time to listen through the entire "We Heard The Call" Compilation and I was really blown away by it. Not only was I flattered by the fact that our music inspires so many people but also the results are brilliant, lovely, aureate, the cat's pyjamas!! You know, I don't like most of those "professional" Alphaville cover versions, but I do like each and every one of the tracks of "We Heard The Call", as heterogeneous as they may be. Yes, indeed, they're truly hetero-genius! Or in-geneous? Whatsoever, you made my day, you gave me some ideas."




01 Sappy feat. K.H. - I Die For You Today 
02 Antilles - Golden Feeling 
03 Ephemere - Danger In Your Paradise 
04 Tobias Karlsson - Big In Japan (Fingerstyle Guitar) 
05 Christian Gomez - Wishful Thinking 
06 Millionmoons - Phantoms 
07 Snömodd - Red Rose 
08 People Theatre - A Victory Of Love 
09 Cha_Cal feat. Karen Roddis-Cojocaru - For A Million 
10 Payola Disco - She Fades Away 
11 Artwork - In The Mood 
12 Estatuas del Sol - Ivory Tower 
13 Eurotix - Lies 
14 CGM feat. CTC - Life Is King VS 20000 Lieues Sous Les Mers 


01 Avalon feat. Slender Flame - Forever Young 
02 Herve Lamoureux - Corps Astral 
03 Viper & Ira Vain - Wishful Thinking 
04 Slender Flame - Next Generation 
05 Human Tales - She Fades Away 
06 Raindancer - To Germany With Love 
07 Tommie - Montego Bay 
08 I Satellite - A Victory Of Love 
09 María & The Wonderboys - Wonderboy 
10 Nightshade - In The Mood 
11 Defence Of Rage - Golden Feeling 
12 Vickey Uncut - Flame (Live) 
13 Friends Indeed - Jet Set 
14 Antilles - Elevator 
15 I_R.J, - Euphoria 


01 Paper Dragon - Dance With Me (Live) 
02 Aquaterra - For A Million 
03 DJ Oren Amram feat. Paula B. - Fallen Angel 
04 Taissir Muhsen - Inside Out 
05 Sappy feat. S.H. - Summer In Berlin 
06 Taubenherz - Wishful Thinking 
07 Bad Bard - Return To Paradise 
08 Strauss ex Machina - A Victory Of Love 
09 Steeve Richard - Carry Your Flag 
10 @salvapastor - Big In Japan 
11 Vision Talk - I Die For You Today 
12 Maomoondog - Afternoons In Utopia (Instrumental) 
13 Doudoucoincoin - Those Wonderful Things 
14 Manuel Richter - Forever Young (Live) 
15 Vincent Ravilly - The Mysterious Colored Elevator