Electro Spectre . Pop Ghost / Limited Deluxe Edition

Исполнитель: Electro Spectre
Альбом: Pop Ghost / Limited Deluxe Edition
Год: 15.11.13
Страна исполнителя: Норвегия
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Razgrom Records
Номер в каталоге: PM 54-02399
Страна производитель: Россия
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Ориентировочная цена: 1242.00 руб


When Electro Spectre recorded their first album 'Pop Ghost' in 2007, the band was working close with the Norwegian production company Waterfall Music in Oslo. At this point Electro Spectre was chasing an international signing for the band, and in 2008 the band came really close to sign up with Sony, England. Dispite beeing very close, the signing failed.

Late 2008 Electro Spectre went back in the studio to record new fresh material for the upcoming album 'Watch It All Turn', as they were dissapointed the initially album recorded in 2007 didn't make it to a release.

During the years Electro Spectre has received many questions why the album was never released, as it was a really strong album. As of this Crab Key Records have desided to release the 2008 album 'Pop Ghost' in it's full as it was recorded then. Untouched!

This is the very first dark alternative steps Electro Spectre took right at the beginning!!




01 Bleeding 03:59
02 Bring Your Pistol 03:53
03 Electric Light 03:39
04 Little Black Sister 04:50
05 Black & White Love 04:19
06 Make You Love Me 04:08
07 Endorse The Beauty 03:08
08 The Holy Show 02:42
09 Resurrection 07:37
10 Strange Pictures (Bonus - The pop Ghost Version) 04:41
11 Shine On Lover (Bonus - The pop Ghost Version 03:38
12 Electric Light (Bonus - Pole Position Remix) 03:52
13 Make You Love Me (Bonus - Dark Version) 04:14
14 Strange Pictures (Bonus - 2008 Ambient Mix) 05:12
15 Resurrecton (Bonus - Machine-made) 04:44
16 Bleeding (Bonus - Wild & Raging Sky Dub) 03:41
17 Suspicious Minds (Elvis Prestley Cover) 04:00