Rammstein. Videos 1995 - 2012 (PAL)

Исполнитель: Rammstein
Альбом: Videos 1995 - 2012 (PAL)
Год: 14-Dec-2012
Страна исполнителя: Германия
Формат носителя: DVD
Лэйбл: DE Dom/Rock Prog
Номер в каталоге: PM 08-26105
Страна производитель: Германия
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RAMMSTEIN "Videos 1995-2012": the complete video collection, including extensive behind-the-scenes footage and two brand new clips.

SEX AND CRIME, blood and fire, monsters and mutations...

What sounds like a compendium of midnight movies is really just a collection of music videos. If we call them clips, at least Americans will think of the gun magazines they use to reload their weapons. That suits the explosive content. With just a small creative core to set the agenda, RAMMSTEIN have consistently created stunning image sequences that are unparalleled internationally. Directors working with the band have demonstrated a clear sense of vision, tremendous courage, plus a unique refusal to compromise.

Almost a decade after the arrival of their first video retrospective, "Lichtspielhaus" (2003), an up-to-date and more complete picture of the band has finally emerged. While the clips show RAMMSTEIN in their purest form, a few lesser-known facts also come to light, primarily via the behind-the-flames footage from the individual shoots, plus the many interviews with the various people involved and of course the band members themselves. A high point is the new clip for "Mein Herz Brennt" ('My Heart Burns'), lead track on the seminal "Mutter" album (2001), and the story behind it. So time-consuming was the promo to get right, that some of the band members started to see it as the 'eternal video', one they would be working on until their collective death. It ultimately took several attempts and the work of two directors to get this monumental piece off the ground. Not only did this result in one of the most unusual videos in the history of a band notorious for their output in this area ("Du Hast", "Sonne", "Links 2 3 4", "Mein Teil", "Mann Gegen Mann", "Pussy", etc.), but as a reward for all the hard work, some extra footage was shot featuring front-man Till Lindemann in a solo performance of the 'piano version' of the song.

With this box set, RAMMSTEIN present themselves in all their glory: larger than life, larger than Hollywood.

Digi Pac, 56-page Booklet, Lenticular Cover, 25 Videos, 24 Making of, 3 DVDs (PAL), 455 Min.



01 Du riechst so gut 
02 Making of „Du riechst so gut" 
03 Seemann 
04 Making of „Seemann" 
05 Rammstein 
06 Making of „Rammstein" 
07 Engel 
08 Making of „Engel" 
09 Du hast 
10 Making of „Du hast" 
11 Du riechst so gut ‘98 
12 Making of „Du riechst so gut ‘98" 
13 Stripped 
14 Making of „Stripped" 
15 Sonne 
16 Making of „Sonne" 
17 Links 2 3 4 
18 Making of „Links 2 3 4" 


01 Ich will 
02 Making of „Ich will" 
03 Mutter 
04 Making of „Mutter" 
05 Feuer frei! 
06 Making of „Feuer frei!" 
07 Mein Teil 
08 Making of „Mein Teil" 
09 Amerika 
10 Making of „Amerika" 
11 Ohne dich 
12 Making of „Ohne dich" 
13 Keine Lust 
14 Making of „Keine Lust" 
15 Benzin 
16 Making of „Benzin" 


01 Rosenrot 
02 Making of „Rosenrot" 
03 Mann gegen Mann 
04 Making of „Mann gegen Mann" 
05 Pussy 
06 Making of „Pussy" 
07 Ich tu dir weh 
08 Making of „Ich tu dir weh" 
09 Haifisch 
10 Making of „Haifisch" 
11 Mein Land 
12 Making of „Mein Land" 
13 Mein Herz brennt – Piano Version 
14 Mein Herz brennt 
15 Making of „Mein Herz brennt"