Inter-Connection. Life (VIP release)

Исполнитель: Inter-Connection
Альбом: Life (VIP release)
Год: 2012
Страна исполнителя: Германия
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: A Different Drum
Номер в каталоге: PM 26-00687
Страна производитель: Америка
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Новый альбом синтипоп группы!!! Выходит в декабре 2012 года!!!

The story of INTER-CONNECTION is a little bizarre. Three people from three different countries (Israel, Italy, Germany) and that they have never met in person - they met through internet, they changed opinions about music and finally they made a band. A band that is different from common because everyone lives in his country and there is no personal contact of members - everything is been done through internet, something that does not seem to trouble the band and they currently release their third album and as they said that are already preparing the fourth. The music genre of the album is mainly Synth-Pop but we will find also drum and bass influences  and modern dance elements.

In the album we'll meet both male and female vocals. The female vocals are melodic and sensual and in my opinion Revital's voice is one of the strong points of the band. On the other hand the male vocals sounds a little weak and I also think that Giuseppe must improve his pronunciation. The production of the album which made by Rene (the third member of the band) is very good and I think from album to album becomes better. Also the album is full of catchy songs like ‘Gone Bad’ or ‘Synthetic Love’ for example which for sure will stuck in your mind after the first listening of the album. For conclusion I will say that we have a very good album with nice melodies, good songs for dancefloors, good songs for relaxing and very good female vocals. If you like this combination, INTER CONNECTION won't disappoint you!



01. Synthetic Love
02. Red Lights
03. Tie Me Up
04. Travelling
05. Found Us
06. Life
07. Gone Bad
08. Nightmare
09. The Way I Love
10. At The End Of The Day
11. How Do You Feel
12. Tie Me Up (remix)
13. I'm Waiting For You


Revital Ben Hemo - Vocals
Giuseppe Calandrini - Vocals, lyrics
René Tebbe - Composer, Producer, Synths