Hocico. El Ultimo Minuto (Antes De Que Tu Mundo Caiga) (Fan-Box-Set-M)

Исполнитель: Hocico
Альбом: El Ultimo Minuto (Antes De Que Tu Mundo Caiga) (Fan-Box-Set-M)
Год: 07.12.12
Страна исполнителя: Мексика
Формат носителя: Fan Box
Лэйбл: Out Of Line
Номер в каталоге: PM 55-00362
Страна производитель: Мексика
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What music will you have playing in your final minute? That is THE essential question that we all have to ask ourselves, facing the end to come. As usual, the answer comes from Mexico and is a rabid, loud and aggressive kick in the eye: according to hard electro pioneers and sonic enunciators of impending doom, HOCICO, everything will end with a bang of beats, anger and bass. Dance to the apocalypse, baby, 'cos tomorrow all might be too late!

Meaning: the new HOCICO album is harder than anything Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam have unleashed out of the bowels of their internal hell unto the world so far.

Those who are familiar with the lads will know that hidden away in the heart of the inferno there is always a core of club-compatible rhythms, far-out sounds and utter addictiveness. And for those who wish to spend more than their final minutes with the most apocalyptic electronic sounds since the invention of the synthesizer, "El Último Minuto (Antes de que Tu Mundo Caiga)" is the way to go!

This time, HOCICO and their label have also prepared something very special for the diehards and Mexico fanatics: THE ultimate Fan box! It will contain not only the deluxe double CD but another disc entitled "Prophecy of Hate" which sports some rare tape tracks from the group's early days - exclusive to this box! And why should the Mexican apocalypse be limited to the ears when we can have you experience it with your entire body? Hence, HOCICO also included a red hot, real Mexican-made sauce and chilli flakes "made to spice you up" for a fiery start to the day. Add to that an exclusive T-shirt and a hand-numbered ownership certificate, all neatly packed into a classy black wooden box, strictly limited to 666 copies. This is a must-have... and it might be the last thing you ever buy!


Disc 1:
01. T.O.S. of Reality
02. Intruder
03. The Watched
04. Dead Trust
05. Polarity
06. Mundo Imposible
07. Vile Whispers
08. 3...2...1...
09. Toxic
10. Over the Limit
11. El Último Minuto

Disc 2:
01. Surfing in the Plastic Age
02. Firewalking
03. Intruder (SA42 Remix)
04. Polarity (Mixed Bipolar Disorder by KIEW)
05. Intruder (TOO DEAD TO DIE Remix)

Disc 3:
01. Prophecy of Hate (Tape Track 1996)
02. Deranged (Tape Track 1996)  

- "El Ultimo Minuto" Deluxe 2CD
- "Prophecy of hate" Bonus CD
- original mexican chili sauce
- chili flakes
- hand numbered ownership certificate -
- exclusive "El Ultimo Minuto" T-Shirt - M