Compilation-synthpop. Italo Euro Disco Volume 1

Исполнитель: Compilation-synthpop
Альбом: Italo Euro Disco Volume 1
Год: 2010
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Space Sound Records
Номер в каталоге: PM 15-00022
Страна производитель: Америка
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With immense satisfaction we present our brand new release: Italo Euro Disco Volume 1. It is a compilation which is recorded in Italo/Euro Disco style. With this compilation we open a new chapter in the history of our label. The Italo Disco trend was one sign of identification for the 80's. Italo & Euro Disco still has lots of fans and enthusiasts and they still come not only because of classical achievements from under the ages but also thanks to performing music by modern artists. It is the music that is discovered by young people for whom the music is a kind of inspiration. On the CD we tried to keep a one of a kind atmosphere of Italo Euro Disco with a draw-back to an era of splendour regarding the trend, a dance scene of the 80's.
The CD Italo Euro Volume 1 is consisted of 14 songs. You can listen to the new track by Tiziana Rivale and Eddy Huntington, successful stars of the 80's. Moreover there are new songs by Elen Cora, Riccardo Campa, Galaxy Hunter, Retronic Voice, Mirko Hirsch, Marc Fruttero and Vision Talk.
Intensive work on this project lasted a year but now we are proud and pleased that we can give it to your hands. We hope the Italo Euro Volume 1 can be one of your most favorite compilations, having in mind,it was created most of all for you.


01. Mirko Hirsch - Fire (Long Version)
02. Galaxy Hunter - Running High
03. Retronic Voice - Menace to Society
04. Tiziana Rivale - Take Me In Your Arms
05. Riccardo Campa - Mistress of My Heart
06. Eddy Huntington - Warsaw In the Night
07. Marc Fruttero - Miracle of Love
08. Vision Talk - Wave My Last Goodbye
09. Elen Cora - Sleeping In Your Hands
10. Riccardo Campa - Delantero
11. Armando Ferro - Stay Late With Me Tonight
12. Tiziana Rivale - Don't Be Alone
13. Mirko Rivale - All the Night
14. Retronic Voice - The Awakening