De/vision . Rockets + Swords / Limited Edition

Исполнитель: De/vision
Альбом: Rockets + Swords / Limited Edition
Год: 24.08.12
Страна исполнителя: Германия
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Popgefahr Records
Номер в каталоге: PM 54-01665
Страна производитель: Германия
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Цена: 1502.00 руб


This is the limited edition of the album, packaged in a digipak, with a booklet and two exclusive bonus tracks.

For 25 years the Berlin-based band DE/VISION have been and continue to be one of the most consistent and reliable representatives of the electro-pop genre. With their new album, "Rockets & Swords", the duo are moving on familiar terrain. The songs here are captivating, with their pointed beats and focused hook lines, providing each with irresistible, addictive qualities.

"Popgefahr" was DE/VISION's first step towards enhancing their acoustic world by adding much-appreciated retro sounds. Pursuing this direction, they have found a refreshingly clean line that lends the album a distinctive feature and puts an emphasis on the ban's strong songwriting abilities. Band member Thomas explains the concept, "Things were meant to be simpler, clean-structured and lucid while not completely overloaded – yet still very powerful, rich in diversity and full of complexities."

Throughout the realization process of this extremely mature and refreshing sound conglomerate, the production duo Schumann and Bach have once again played a key role. For several years the quartet has cooperated as a fruitful collective. Thomas summarizes the formula to their successful collaboration by stating, "In addition to Schumann and Bach's extensive technical know-how, the two possess an almost infinite musical creativity. They have an excellent feeling for what defines DE/VISION. They often give us certain impulses and come up with a new approach. When you have worked so closely for so many years, it is most important that you respect each other and get along on a personal level. A friendly and trusting relationship is essential."

With "Rockets & Swords", DE/VISION present themselves as a downright grown-up electro band. Their wealth of experience, which has been gathered over decades, enables them always to concentrate on the bare essentials and write those emphatic pop gems wrapped in wonderfully multifaceted sound garments. Simple but effectively produced arrangements make the electro heart beat faster and fill the dance floors, conjuring one's very own pictures onto the screen of the inner eye. This really is impressive pop cinema!



01 Boy Toy 05:37
02 Superhuman 05:36
03 Beauty of Decay 05:19
04 Brotherhood of Man 04:30
05 Stargazer 05:00
06 Binary Soldier 05:30
07 Want to Believe 05:35
08 Bipolar 05:45
09 Mystified 05:04
10 Running All Night 06:30
11 Bonus: Kamikaze 05:15
12 Bonus: Bedbugs (A Modern Lullaby) 06:23