Juno Reactor . Inside The Reactor

Исполнитель: Juno Reactor
Альбом: Inside The Reactor
Год: 26.08.11
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Metropolis
Номер в каталоге: PM 54-01070
Страна производитель: Америка
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Цена: 1568.00 руб


Originally formed out of the Goa vibe of the early 90s, JUNO REACTOR create a unique genre-blending take on trance, mixing traditional electronica and world influences to create a completely innovative sound. After two decades as a leader in the electronic scene, JUNO REACTOR now offer up the new album "Inside the Reactor".

Working with a range of acts such as MIDIval PunditZ, BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA, THOMAS P HECKMANN and SOUND VANDALS, the sound of JUNO REACTOR has been taken even further and expanded into even more dimensions. The album includes remixes and reimaginings of classics such as "Pistolero", "Conga Fury", "Navras" and more. As each version and mix of the tracks plays out, it becomes obvious that the album offers uniquely refreshing takes on classic tracks while staying true to the feeling that is JUNO REACTOR.

"Inside the Reactor" is a must-have, not just for the diehard JUNO REACTOR fan, but for fans of all types of electronic music.


01. Navras (MIDIval PunditZ Remix)
02. Conga Fury (ACE VENTURA Remix)
03. Rotorblade (PERFECT STRANGER Remix)
04. Mona Lisa Overdrive (THOMAS P HECKMANN Remix)
05. Zwara (THOMAS P KARNI Remix)
06. Pistolero (BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA Remix)
07. Hotaka (UBER TMAR Remix)
08. Children of the Night (SOUNDVANDAL Remix)
09. The Heavens (JUNO REACTOR Lost 1995 Mix)
10. Guardian Angel (DINO PSARAS Remix)
11. Navras (JAYANT Remix)