Suicide Commando. The Suicide Sessions - ltd. 6CD Box

Исполнитель: Suicide Commando
Альбом: The Suicide Sessions - ltd. 6CD Box
Год: 15.07.2011
Страна исполнителя: Бельгия
Формат носителя: 6CD
Лэйбл: Out Of Line
Номер в каталоге: PM 55-00300
Страна производитель: Германия
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Цена: 2934.00 руб


Not many electro bands can look back upon a quarter of a century of existence and numerous timeless club anthems and still be going strong as hell!

SUICIDE COMMANDO are not only celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, they are also one of the rare acts that can rightfully claim to have pioneered an entire genre! In the light of this special birthday, the 'godfathers of harsh electro' are releasing a special 6CD box set entitled "The Suicide Sessions".  It contains the bands first three classic studio albums, "Critical Stage", "Stored Images" and "Contruct-Deconstruct", all of them receiving a shining sonic overhaul via a bone-shaking remaster from the original master tapes, plus new artwork. "The Suicide Sessions" also sports three companion CDs full of B-sides, as well as rare and previously unreleased material from these early years. Join the group on this insightful trip into the past, rediscover classic anthems like "See You In Hell", "Save Me" and "Better Off Dead" and delve into heaps of undiscovered or lost gems. A must-have for fans and the perfect celebration of the anniversary of one of the most influential groups in harder electronic music!

Limited edition of strictly 2000 copies!


Disc 1 "Critical Stage":-
01. Critical Stage
02. Sheer Horror
03. H.I.V.+
04. Traumatize
05. So Many Questions
06. Time
07. Fate
08. Necrophilia
09. Revenge
10. Where Do We Go From Here?
11. Under God's Eye
12. The Dreamhouse (Mental Version)

Disc 2 "Bonus Disc 1":-
01. Take My God Away
02. Never Get Out
03. The Ultimate Machine
04. Save Me (Original)
05. Sweet Jesus
06. Industrial Underground
07. Waiting for the Gnomes
08. Autopsy (Vivisection I)
09. A Nos Morts (Aan Onze Dooden)
10. commando
11. He Cut His Own Head

Disc 3 "Stored Images":-
01. Murder
02. The Exit
03. Save Me (Remix)
04. The Human Disgrace
05. Intercourse (Reloaded II)
06. Dying Inside
07. Mortal Combat (Final Act I)
08. The End of Your Life
09. Actions of the Mind
10. T.V.-obsession
11. See You in Hell!

Disc 4 "Bonus Disc 2":-
01. Fall Away
02. See You in Hell (Part 1 & 2 - Extended)
03. Head Down
04. Delusion
05. The Face of God
06. Traumatize (Club)
07. See You in Hell (Remake by MONOLITH)
08. Burn Baby Burn
09. Last Decision
10. Murder (Extended)
11. See You in Hell (Live in Bielefeld)

Disc 5 "Construct-Deconstruct":-
01. Acid Bath
02. Better Off Dead
03. Putrefaction Process
04. Desire
05. Somnambulist
06. Come to Me (v2.0)
07. The Mirror (reMASTERed)
08. Pesticide
09. Massacre
10. Ignorance
11. Euthanasia

Disc 6 "Bonus Disc 6":-
01. Decoder (Instrumental Version)
02. Better Off Dead (Remixed by DIVE)
03. Desire (SC DNA Swab Remixed by :WUMPSCUT:)
04. Violator
05. Massacre (Exterminate Remixed by PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE)
06. Better Off Dead (Remixed by PIERREPOINT)
07. Final Suicide
08. Last Breath
09. State of Emergency
10. Desire for Dead Bodies (Slow)
11. Narcotica