And One. Zerstorer

Исполнитель: And One
Альбом: Zerstorer
Год: 21.01.11
Страна исполнителя: Германия
Формат носителя: MCD
Лэйбл: Out Of Line
Номер в каталоге: PM 55-00272
Страна производитель: Германия
Срок получения заказа Вами после его поступления на наш склад от поставщика: до 2 дней (при наличие товара на нашем складе). Внимание - данный товар заказывается только по Вашему заказу, за рубежом (если он не помечен как Товары EXPRESS). Срок поступления на наш склад от 3 недель до 3 месяцев. - для Москвы.
Для других городов, срок доставки увеличивается на 10-15 дней (доставка "Почтой России").

Цена: 766.00 руб


Hello. This is not the kind of one-sided release info comprised of infinite praise or totally exaggerated claims. Something like that would totally be beneath Europe's most successful band by far, especially when it comes to a milestone in pop-history like "Zerstörer" ('Destroyer'). It would be of no use, as no one will be able to resist the "Bodypop"-style sported by Steve Naghavi and his gang of world-class musicians, anyhow. All other bands suck big time and AND ONE have set out yet again to prove it. "Why do w*****s not f**k f*****s and where in god's name is this strange place called 'Peine'", most forum visitors will be inclined to ask. As usual, they cannot even dream of getting an answer.

Anyone who understands the bonus track "S*x Drive" must definitely have been humping one of the Bodypoppers, anyway, and Naghavi will never croon you a synth-ballad as falsely fragile as "No Song for You" ever again. If you manage to survive the first half of this 30-minute single, you will be treated with some loud live sounds... threefold!!! And before your new maxi-CD favourite ends on a DIY remix of "Zerstörer" by Naghavi himself (which he vomited up stark drunk and unlovingly), you will be treated to the original rockabilly version of "Military Fashion Show" that works just the same kind of magic as the brand new and pimped-up live version for DJs. AND ONE – big mouth with you behind it.


01. Zerstörer
02. S*x Drive
03. No Song for You
04. Mirror in Your heart (Live 2010)
05. The Secret (Live 2010)
06. Military Fashion Show (Live 2010)
07. Military Fashion Show (Original Version)
08. Zerstörer (Peine I.S.T. die Ansage 2011 Mix)