Hocico . Tiempos De Furia [MEN] Size S, M, L, XL - ltd. BoxSet

Исполнитель: Hocico
Альбом: Tiempos De Furia [MEN] Size S, M, L, XL - ltd. BoxSet
Год: 01.10.10
Страна исполнителя: Мексика
Формат носителя: BoxSet
Лэйбл: Out Of Line
Номер в каталоге: PM 55-00256
Страна производитель: Мексика
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Новый альбом группы.  Лимит бокс издание.

Times of fury... "Tiempos de Furia"! A title that pretty much sums up the inferno that Mexican hard electro pioneers HOCICO will be unleashing with their new CD. The snout has not been sporting such a raw and aggressive bark since the early days: unbridled electronic anger meets lashing beats. Fittingly, Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam have driven the production into much rougher and harder-sounding terrain than on the previous albums. Musically, electronic-slam-dance-riots like the title track and the massive "Bite Me" meet heavy mid-tempo onslaughts and excursions to the dark side, making the new long-player the most versatile work in the band's opulent oeuvre. Add to that HOCICO's trademark talent for creating memorable melodies and a highly creative sound design, and you get a club-compatible hell-ride with addictive qualities.

This super-limited box set will only be made available in extremely limited quantities (just 555 numbered copies world-wide).  The lavish metal box contains the limited 2CD edition of the album, an exclusive "Tiempos de Furia" T-shirt or girlie shirt (available in T-shirt sizes S, M, L and XL, and girlie shirt sizes S, M and L), an exclusive rubber lanyard, an exclusive HOCICO flag, a "Tiempos de Furia" sticker and a hand-numbered 'ownership certificate'.


01. I Want to Go to Hell
02. Where Words Fail, Hate Speaks
03. Flesh to Lacerate
04. Dog Eat Dog
05. Hey... It's Me
06. Bite me!
07. Lost Fate
08. Kiss of the Apocalypse
09. Twist the Thorn
10. Tiempos de Furia
11. Not Human
12. Altered States
13. Los Espejos Rotos

Bonus Disc "A Call for Destruction":-
01. The Disguise
02. A Call for Destruction
03. Bite Me! (FEINDFLUG Remix)
04. Twist the Thorn (The Bodyminder Mix by FORMALIN)

Box content:
limited Digi2CD (3D coverart)
exclusive "Tiempos de Furia" T-shirt
exclusive Rubber Lanyard
exclusive Hocico Flag
exclusive "Tiempos de Furia" Sticker
handnumbered Ownership Certificate