Blutengel . Dancing In The Light (Solitary & Forsaken)

Исполнитель: Blutengel
Альбом: Dancing In The Light (Solitary & Forsaken)
Год: 2008
Страна исполнителя: Германия
Формат носителя: 2сингл
Лэйбл: Out Of Line
Номер в каталоге: PM 28-03260
Страна производитель: Германия
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Ориентировочная цена: 1090.00 руб


Winter approaches and the days are getting shorter … it is the time of year that just longs for adequately gloomy background music. Therefore, Blutengel have conjured up a very special pre-holiday-season-treat for their fans. On their most mature single to date, they are enveloping their trademark hit qualities in a dark, minimal and spine-tingling groove. “Dancing In The Light” is pure atmosphere, mingling gloomy intensity with a subversive catchiness – the song is a departure to new frontiers without negating the group’s roots. As the band is preparing celebrations for their tenth anniversary jubilee, they are releasing not just one but two versions of their latest gothic-synth-anthem: the single will be released in two different and strictly limited versions with different cover artwork. Each version will contain the single version of the song plus two different, exclusive bonus tracks, one remix and the video clip for the single. Limited Blutengel-singles usually sell out quickly, which is why anyone who wants to own these highly wanted collector’s items should try to get their hands on them quickly. “Dancing In The Light” is not only the perfect appetizer for the upcoming album from Blutengel, scheduled for release early next year, but with its unique balancing act between the world of darkness and that of light it is also the ideal soundtrack for the dark time of the year!


MCD1 ("Solitary")
01 Dancing In The Light
02 Dancing In The Light (Solitary Mix)
03 Not Too Late
04 You Will Be A Woman
05 Dancing In The Light (Videoclip)

MCD2 ("Forsaken")
01 Dancing In The Light
02 Dancing In The Light (Club Mix)
03 Black Angels
04 Good Old Days
05 Dancing In The Light (Videoclip)
06 Dancing In The Light (Videoclip Making Of)