Azar Lawrence. Elementals

Исполнитель: Azar Lawrence
Альбом: Elementals
Год: 23.03.2018
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Highnote (ZYX)
Номер в каталоге: PM 22-22779
Страна производитель: Германия
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It will come as no surprise to fans of Azar Lawrence that his life‘s work is to bridge the gap between his listeners and the Elementals. For over four decades he has unstintingly explored music as a healing force, and the mystical connections between past and future, myth and fact, the physical world and that which is beyond. Lawrence hopes that in a holistic sense, Elementals encourages a spiritual awakening. “All of this music is healing music; that‘s our whole concept is to heal and uplift,” he explains. “If it‘s delivered and received on the right level, it will raise our own vibrations and bring us in touch with those higher spirits that respond when the music is pure with love and joy.”

Azar Lawrence – soprano & tenor saxophones
Benito Gonzales – keyboards 
Jeff Littleton – bass
Marvin “Smitty” Smith – drums 
Munyungo Jackson – percussion 

with Oren Waters – vocals (track 7), John Barnes – keyboards (track 1)
Greg Poree – guitar (tracks 5 & 6), Mayuto Correa – hand drums (track 1)
Joe Blocker – tambura (track 10)


01. La Bossa      
02. Eye of the Needle    
03. Elementals        
04. Brazilian Girls   
05. Solar Winds    
06. Koko       
07. African Chant   
08. Sing to the World    
09. It’s Easy to Remember 
10. Karma Sutra

Azar Lawrence