Fornhem. Ett Fjarran Kall

Исполнитель: Fornhem
Альбом: Ett Fjarran Kall
Год: 25.08.2017
Страна исполнителя: Швеция
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Troll Music
Номер в каталоге: PM 39-01094
Страна производитель: Германия
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artist: Fornhem
title: Ett Fjarran Kall
article#: TROLL 008
format: CD Digipak
EAN/UPC: 884388150720

release: 25.08.2017


How often has primeval black metal been announced dead in the last twenty years? With their debut album “Ett Fjarran Kall” (“A Call From Afar”) FORNHEM from Sweden prove those predictions to be pointless.
While Vafthrudner and Solbane undoubtedly owe a lot to the aesthetics originally crafted by the pioneers of Scandinavian black metal, they nevertheless achieve to create their own approach by interpreting influences from a broad spectrum of folk (rock) music in a consciously minimalist and almost hypnotizing way.
“Our aim is to make music that moves forward, even if it’s minimal and repetitive, and we think that adding something or making slight alterations in a riff or chord progression makes it come alive and breathe”, explains Vafthrudner the proven method of FORNHEM. “Black metal in general is quite beautiful music behind all the layers of noise, and we want to enhance that by using minimalism. Also, quieter moments or using acoustic instruments creates an interesting dynamic as opposed to the ‘wall of noise’. The music should be simple and repetitive and long (if needed). We always take our time and really feel how long we can play a certain riff. There should be no stress. And that?s basically how we work; we always focus on how the music feels.”


1. Ett Fjarran Kall
2. Kosmisk Dvala
3. Urdjupets Svarta
4. Fornhem


Ett Fj?rran Kall
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Ett Fjarran Kall
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