Argyle Park. Misguided / Remastered (3CD)
Исполнитель: Argyle Park
Альбом: Misguided / Remastered (3CD)
Год: 2017
Формат носителя: 3CD
Лэйбл: Fixt Records
Номер в каталоге: PM 54-04277
Страна производитель: Америка
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Argyle Park - Misguided. The cult classic 90s industrial project, orchestrated by Celldweller/Circle of Dust creator Klayton and the mysterious Buka, featured an extensive list of guests, including: JG Thirlwell (Foetus, Venture Brothers), Tommy Victor (Prong), Mark Salomon (Stavesacre), Jyro (Mortal), Klank, Chatterbox, Drown and more.

Now, after 20 years, this classic album has been completely re-mastered as a 3-CD collection, including over 1.5 hours of bonus content and features all new artwork. Misguided features sixteen original tracks ranging from aggressive industrial riffs, techno synths, and contagious vocals to ethereal soundscapes along with 26 bonus tracks, including the brand new single "Fanny Pack" featuring Blue Stahli & Mark Salomon. Additional bonus tracks include a newly produced version of an old classic, now titled "The Communist Masters of Deceit," a rare cover track titled "Lonely," and an entire collection of demos, instrumentals and alternative versions. "I greet you into a reality of nothingness and bitter dark, and welcome you to my home of escape, my refuge, Argyle Park" Argyle Park is Klayton & Buka. All songs produced by Klayton.




01 Refuge (feat. JG Thirlwell) 
02 Headscrew (feat. Klank & Mark Salomon) 
03 Agony (feat. Jyro) 
04 Futile 
05 Scarred For Life (feat. Celldweller) 
06 A Burden's Folly 
07 Circle (Redux) 
08 Leave Me Alone (feat. Drown) 
09 Violent (feat. Circle of Dust & Evol Eye Jeni) 
10 Diesel 
11 Gutterboy (feat. Chatterbox) 
12 og 
13 Misanthrope 
14 Skin Shed (feat. Circle of Dust & Tommy Victor) 
15 Doomsayer (feat. Mark Salomon & Tommy Victor) 
16 Uffern 


01 Fanny Pack (feat. Blue Stahli & Mark Salomon) 
02 The Communist Masters of Deceit 
03 Lonely 
04 Fanny Pack vs Doomsayer (feat. Blue Stahli & Mark Salomon) 
05 og's Revenge 
06 Leave Me Alone (Klayton's Vocal Demo) 
07 Violent (Demo) 
08 Resurrection of the Ravens (1992 4-Track Cassette Demo) [feat. Circle of Dust & lvl] 
09 The Conversation 
10 A Burden's Folly (Instrumental Demo) 
11 Diesel (Instrumental Demo) 
12 Leave Me Alone (Instrumental Demo) 
13 Skin Shed (Instrumental Demo) 
14 Doomsayer (instrumental Demo) 
15 Once Great Leaders 


01 Refuge (Acapella) 
02 Fanny Pack (Instrumental) 
03 The Communist Masters of Deceit (Instrumental) 
04 Headscrew (Instrumental) 
05 Agony (Instrumental) 
06 Scarred For Life (Instrumental) 
07 Circle (Redux) [Instrumental] 
08 Gutterboy (Instrumental) 
09 Doomsayer (No Guitar or Bass) 
10 Agony (Instrumental - No Guitar) 
11 Scarred For Life (Instrumental - No Guitar)

Argyle Park
Argyle Park
Misguided (Remastered)
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