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Club Mayz. Loneliness

Исполнитель: Club Mayz
Альбом: Loneliness
Год: 09.06.2017
Страна исполнителя: Бельгия
Формат носителя: CD
Лэйбл: Wool E Discs!
Номер в каталоге: PM 54-04237
Страна производитель: Бельгия
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Цена: 1376.00 руб


Стиль: Synthpop, Electrowave

Маттиас Изебарт - ди-джей и музыкант выпускает свой второй альбом.

Первый был выпущен на кассетах  в 2015 году. Под названием «The Void»,  он представлял собой различные виды танцевальной и мрачной synthmusic.

Два года спустя он возвращается в качестве Club Mayz, с альбомом под названием «Loneliness». Музыкальная концепция из эмбиента, электро, synthpop, new beat, раннего хаус и техно и witchhouse, Club Mayz изобретает новинку для танцпола.



File under: Synthpop, Electrowave

Matthias Yzebaert (1983°, Ghent) is a multidisciplinary artist. Visual artist, trained graphic designer, gallery-owner, DJ, performance artist, producer... Or in his own words: “My work is not 'about something'. There is no story. I like to make things. There is no meaning.I do what I want. “ So there you have it...nothing more to say..oh wait.

He made an album, a brilliant one, actually already his second. The first was released on cassette only on Wool-E Tapes in 2015. “The Void” then under his nom de plume MAYZ was a journey into different kinds of danceable dark synthmusic, depressing but yet light and uplifting.

Two years later he returns as Club Mayz, suggesting there's a party going on, but with an album titled “Loneliness” it's just a party of one. Musically drafting from ambient, electro, synthpop, new beat, early house & techno and witchhouse, Club Mayz reinvents slow burning new wave for the dancefloor.

Born in 83 Mayz is too young to have experienced the 80's wave, the birth of EBM, the rise and collapse of new beat, but he learned from the best: Marcos Salon, once a member of such mythical new beat projects as In-D (with Marc Grouls) and Liasons D. (with Sven Van Hees and Frank De Wulf) did the mixing and the mastering.

Wool-E Discs brings you a synthwave album without blood and gore, fast cars and science fiction, but one about being blue and loneliness and sitting in your bedroom making music on your computer like in the 80's.


01 Dormir 03:25
02 Alone And Unafraid 06:06
03 Maybe Tomorrow 04:36
04 Zero Expectations 06:46
05 The Unnamable 02:46
06 Come With Me 05:39
07 Solipsist Debauchery 06:15
08 Fetichized Sadness 04:54
09 Everything Means Nothing Anyway 06:20
10 You Can't Kill It 05:55
11 Tristique 06:58

Club Mayz