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Noisuf-X . Dead End District / Limited Edition (2CD)

Исполнитель: Noisuf-X
Альбом: Dead End District / Limited Edition (2CD)
Год: 16.09.11
Страна исполнителя: Германия
Формат носителя: 2CD
Лэйбл: Pro Noize
Номер в каталоге: PM 54-01104
Страна производитель: Германия
Срок получения заказа Вами после его поступления на наш склад от поставщика: до 2 дней (при наличие товара на нашем складе). Внимание - данный товар заказывается только по Вашему заказу, за рубежом (если он не помечен как Товары EXPRESS). Срок поступления на наш склад от 3 недель до 3 месяцев. - для Москвы.
Для других городов, срок доставки увеличивается на 10-15 дней (доставка "Почтой России").

Цена: 2190.00 руб


'Noisemeisters' NOISUF-X have dominated the industrial and noise dancefloors around the planet for years, and each and every one of their albums and EPs has been a big success! Tracks such as "Tinnitus", "Hit Me hard", "3000 Phon" and "Deutschland Braucht Bewegung" have become evergreens of the industrial culture and are part of almost all DJ sets on the noise/industrial club scene!

While the previous album "Excessive Exposure" featured guest appearances by classic electro artists such as Peter Spilles (PROJECT PITCHFORK) and Johan van Roy (SUICIDE COMMANDO), NOISUF-X this time take a quite unusual and surprising approach, by collaborating with one of THE biggest Ska newcomers around: POPULATION from England! The result is quite different from anything you have ever heard before: call it 'FUTURE SKA'! A unique symbiosis of industrial and ska that will move the masses!

"Dead End District" delivers club-compatible material on the usual, highest quality level, but isn't afraid of experimentation in order to further develop the unique and original sound of this outstanding industrial/electro project. In short: album that sets new standards!

"Dead End District" is also available in a DVD-sized Digibox, strictly limited to 888 copies, and including a 6-track bonus CD, featuring exclusive additional tracks plus a remix of "Done in 15 Minutes".




Disc 1:
01. Stay Still
02. Clubhit
03. Es Wird Brennen...
04. Done in 15 Minutes
05. Strange Signal
06. First Time Optimistic
07. Shout Loud
08. Fulfill Its Promise
09. Wir Fühlen den Krach
10. Future Ska (featuring POPULATION)
11. What
12. HiFi
13. MurderHouse

Disc 2:
01. Genesis
02. Kill a Brain
03. Done in 15 Minutes (Club Mix)
04. Hexensabbat
05. I Don't Trust You
06. Everyone Here Is Mad


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